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Picnic Area

Having a special event, birthday party, or a BBQ?
Our Lower park picnic area is the perfect spot!

Lower Park Picnic Area 
up to 10 persons $35.00
up to 20 persons $75.00
up to 30 persons $150.00
up to 40 persons $200.00
up to 50 persons $250.00

More people?  Get Quote

*Tables will be reserved

*Includes usage of park during park hours (times change with seasons and is 8:30am-8:30pm during summer) 

*All trash is to be cleaned & picked up by group. Bear proof cans are available or pack out your own trash)

*Portable restrooms are available for lower park 

*Clubhouse restrooms may be open for public usage and restrooms are subject to be closed to public access if private event is taking place.

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